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Hi, I'm Dylan Johnston

I'm a senior software developer, dad, and traveller from New Zealand.

My experience ranges from startup products, prototypes, automation & integration development; through to the architecture, planning and management of software projects.

My passion is building products and systems that solve problems. Whether it's something simple or grand, I work with everyone involved to ensure successful delivery of the best product possible.

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What I do best

Idea Kickstart

Idea Kickstart

If you’re looking to test out the waters when it comes to getting your idea off the ground and need a developer with that CTO mindset, then let’s start here!

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Business Power-Up

Business Power-Up

It’s time to take your business to the next level! Face the facts with an analytical approach to reviewing your processes and address your needs for serious growth. Scale, operate, inefficiencies, removing cash sinks.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Evolve your business with information systems strategies, utilise digital assets to enhance profitability. Harness business intelligence to establish data-driven decision making, forecasting, and service improvement strategies.

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